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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 22, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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family. why, i don't know. >> now police say that was all for a reason. mcintire according to them has always been a suspect, but it wasn't until earlier this evening at around 7:00 that police arrested him and charged him with first-degree murder. >> he was a suspect from very early on in this investigation. yes, he was very critical of the police department, of detectives for harassment, but now at the end of the day we understand why. >> according to dc police chief kathy lener, investigators used electronic data to link the crime to mcintire. >> there was a variety of things looked at to include cell phone data but a lot of electronic exploitation of records to determine part what have we need to determine to close the case. >> 17-year-old ebony franklin didn't live with her father. her and her family lived in capitol heights, maryland. investigators wouldn't give much details saturday night as to the murder itself, but they do believe franklin was killed in the district and then stuffed into a garbage can in
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this alley. if those details aren't shocking enough, now investigators are saying the father and murdered daughter had some kind of a sexual relationship. >> i'm going to try to stick to the documents that will be public. once he is arraigned in court. i say there is evidence of a s- you'll relationship, yes. >> reporter: again, that arraignment expected this monday. robert mcintire expected in court in a dc cowrm this monday for that a-- courtroom this monday for that arraignment. it's about that time we expect to hear more about the investigation. >> there's no way somebody can say this was in -- any kind of an accident. the child was stabbed multiple times. what does the chief say about a possible motive? >> absolutely. without a doubt, this is a murder that we're talking about here, bruce. as far as a motive, we asked. that's one of the things that chief is staying tightlipped about. we're hoping to matter more about this possibly on monday. >> ken, thanks a lot for that report. >> wave tragic accident that left a maryland state trooper
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dead, six children without a father tonight. 39-year-old chad hunter died in a violent crash in howard county. state police believe hunter was following a speeding motorcyclist when he slammed into the back of a tractor trailer that was parked on the side of the road. he's being remembered tonight as a man of honor and integrity. >> he was a beautiful, beautiful person. kind, compassionate. he was just a wonderful person. he done all he could to help you and anything he needed. he was there. >> troorp hunter's legacy and public service wasn't limited to the badge he wore. he was a marine veteran and now leaves behind six children, their ages 4-16. dc police say they were ambushed by a 15-year-old with a gun early this morning. tonight an officer is hospitalized in stable condition with bullet wounds as a result that teen sb suspect is in custody. britney morehouse says this
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broke out early this morning. >> i never see a -- >> as a heavy police presence loomed large near the intersection of crittentonenton and 7th street northeast, neighbors are wond earring it seemed strange that time of morning for officers in a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: he says he heard gunfire in the morning. >> i heard five, six shots. two more. came downstairs and saw police everywhere. there was easily 40 cars within a four block area. >> reporter: a rush to find the triggerman who shot one of their own. officers were responding to calls from this house. >> as they approached the rear of the house, the suspect was -- identified as a 15-year-old male had mounted a second-floor awning roof and ambushed the officers. >> reporter: now one policeman is recovering from surgery one of the rounds penetrated under the vest, went through the shoulder. one round into the neck and one round that was stopped by a bulletproof vest. >> reporter: the officer is identified as a 27-year-old
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five-year veteran on the force and dc nay i havive. the teen suspect hid under a neighbor porch but later caught is now in custody. >> we don't believe he was struck by police bullets. he had a minor injury doesn't appear to have anything to do with gunfire. >> reporter: police are still collecting evidence using a ladder to climb to the second floor of the house where makes it say the 15-year-old lived. some neighbors speculate the teen was under the influence, but police will not confirm. britney morehouse, 9 news now. >> that teenager is charged with assault with intent to kill. he'll be arraigned in court on monday. p.a.l. officials are giving live -- palestinian official are giving little chance to barack obama's new proposal. they say dreal israel's quick and decisive refusele says there's no meaningful negotiations. barack obama said palestinian border talks should be based on prix 1967 -- pre-1967 boundaries.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel won't be able to defend itself about those boundaries. poosh is scheduled to speak to the pro-israeli lobbying group overt next few days. white house says it won't be a policy speech and will emphasize the strong bond between the two countries. netanyahu is scheduled to address congress on tuesday. turns out netanyahu made an address. an aide to netanyahu says the israeli prime minister asked palmer to pardon jonathan pollard the former u.s. navy intelligence analyst convicted of spying for israel in 1985. he's serving a life sentence here in the u.s. here locally, family and friends of the third victim from last week's deadly car crash gathered for eulogy services today. services were held in silver springs. hoover and two friends were killed last saturday when a car driven by kevin coffee left the road and slammed into a tree in olney. coffee has been charged with
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fleeing the scene of the crash and failing to report the accident to police. a gas explosion in arlington, virginia, sends one to the hospital and displaces 100 others. firefighters were called to an apartment building on carlin springs road this morning. they say one person badly hurt had to be medivaced to a burn center. they're not saying what caused that explosion, but residents think they know. somebody was cooking. it was the end that didn't come. today at 6:00 p.m., the world was supposed to end according to california evangelist earl camping who deemed today as doomsday. one of 2,000 billboards were posted across the country with a warning of may 21st judgment day. it's the second time he's been wrong. we suppose that's a good thing. no word from camping this evening. his radio station headquarters was closed a sign saying he's sorry we missed you was hung opt front door. horse racing won't happen at trip -- won't have a triple crown winner this year.
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kentucky derby winner animal kingdom lost to shackleford. shackleford battled for the lead from the outset and held off animal kingdom at the end by a half length to capture the 136th preakness. animal kingdom's owner says he's not disappointed. >> i think the horse ran a good race. he ran hard. he tried hard. he can't -- you can't win every race. no one has been worst than second. he ran good. >> shackleford's odds today were 12-1. coming up in sports, we'll have more highlights. still ahead on 9 news now, everybody has a cell phone of course. the debate continues over whether that could be bad for your health. the man who says his cell gave him brain cancer. first, flood waters receding in mississippi. officials warn residents levees could break open at any moment. it's dry and mild tonight. we have showers and thunderstorms can we could see to finish the
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weekend. first, here is your wakeup weather as you're heading out the door tomorrow morning for your sunday. a few clouds in the morning, but by 11:00 already in the upper 70s.
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relief from residents in one louisiana town after a manned tori evac ways -- evacuation order was lifted. they're predicting the river will crest late next week at a lower level than first thought. the waters are slowly receding, but officials caution the tremendous pressure on levees could cause them to break at any time. >> there will be continuing wave action up against them and so people shouldn't drop their guard. >> the coast guard says it could take weeks for flood waters torecede from the hardest hit areas. coming up on 9 news now, be a out -- be a out of this world -- an out of this world blessing from the leader of the
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catholic church. the major warmup under way. back to tell us when it cw
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i came here to declare my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united states of america. >> that statement and other republican throws his hat into the ring for president. radio talk show host humber yain cain announced his candidacy today and says the counts rye ri knees a new -- country needs a new vision advocating a strong national defense and replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax. another republican candidate mate his first stop of the 2012 race today. former massachusetts governor mitt romney went to south carolina where he met with small business ownersment he said his small did -- owners. he said his minute maid park focus is the -- main focus is the recovery and would immediately repeal barack obama's health care overhaul.
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dominic straws kahn is free on bond. the 62-year-old economist was released from rikers island jail after posting a million dollars cast with another $5 million bond to go free. sort of. straws-kahn remains under house arrest in lower manhattan. he's charged with raining a housekeeper last -- raiping a housekeeper last week in a hotel room. they survey damming to the space shut -- damage to thespace shuttle. they got a call from the pope. >> before the historic 18- minute phone call with pope benedict, the crew spent an hour looking at damage on the underside. >> we have the damage in the under view. do you like our view? >> reporter: fs the -- this was the image of several tiles damaged during liftoff. mission managers ordered the inspection to make sure the shuttle would be able to safely return to earth. >> essentially what they did is verified how much tile is still
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in the cavity. of course, it's more important what remains than it is what's gone. >> reporter: more important because if the gash is too deep, it could leave the internal systems exposed to extreme heat as the spacecraft reenters's earth's atmosphere. they prepared for a historic phone call. three space -- stations put the call through. pope benedict was able to see the astronauts and wished his best to gabriel giffords shuttle commander's mark kelly's wife. >> i know mark kelly's wife was victim of a serious attack and hope her health continues to improve. >> thank you for the kind words, your holiness and thank you for mentioning my wife gabby. >> endeavour is scheduled to return on june 1. this is the second last
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shuttle mission. the second one is scheduled for july. super computer known for defeating the best jep "jep -- "jeopardy" players. the commuter is being fed a diet of medical textbooks and journals. ibm says in a few years watson could suggest diagnosis to doctors right from a patient's bedside. a link between cell phones and cancer remains controversial. the cell phone industry says numerous studies show no connection of cell phone use and cancer and cell phones on the market today are perfectly safe. one california real estate agent disagrees. alan mark explains his brain can cancer on 20 -- blames his brain cancer on 20 years of cell phone use. >> i know what it is. it was my cell phone use. i -- there's no way you could put something to your head for 20 years and not have it cause
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something. >> he wants the federal government to require cell phone manufacturers to post warning labels on the cell phones and not just mention a potential hazard in the cell phone's manual. the debate continues. great weather today. repeat tomorrow? >> i think it will be really nice earlier in the day tomorrow, but then in the afternoon and evening hours tomorrow things could be changing. we could see some pop-up showers and thunderstorms, but not everyone is going to see it though. it will be kind of isolated. here is a look at live doppler 9,000. it's quite et out there. -- quite out -- quiet outside today. here a broader look at doppler radar. look at the far west just around louisville, cincinnati, these thunderstorms here could be coming through and we can pick up some of the moisture there starting tomorrow later. overnight, what you can expect as you're sleeping. partly to mostly cloudy conditions. comfortablement open up the windows to air out the house. lows will be 60-67 degrees and
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winds are going to be light. right now it's 70 degrees at reagan national under mostly cloudy conditions. the humidity at 68%. i think we're going to notice the humidity go up tomorrow as well as the winds will now be out of the south. it will be warmer for your sunday. get outside if you can. afternoon and evening thunderstorms and showers coming into the forecast. warmer and hot by tuesday. isolated showers and thunderstorms pretty much all week with a we're looking at for the next several days here. here is hour of how our future cast looks. by tomorrow morning, we're not worried. looks really nice. lots of sunshine. few clouds out there. by the evening hours, maybe some showers and thunderstorms out to the west of us and then maybe we'll see some around dc by tomorrow night around this time. overnight looks type and monday morning's commute looks ok. maybe a few showers out towards the eastern shore. you can see monday afternoon more showers could be popping up along with some thunderstorms through the evening hours for dc. so, we'll see a mixture of sun
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and clouds and also maybe some stormy activity. sunday morning, partly cloudy and pleasant. great for gardening f you're going out for church, it will be a nice start to the day. temperatures in the 60s. winds out of the south. they will be light. sunrise tomorrow morning at 5:50 a.m. no need to cancel your plans. it still looks really good. part lie cloudy and warm. isolated thunderstorms. we want your sunscreen and sunglasses. highs around a mere 85 degrees and winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. as we get into the evening hours from the dc metro area, better chance to see some isolated storms and showers. highs for tomorrow 83 for dc. a little cooler annapolis at 78 degrees. andrews air force base 83 degrees. winchester 85 and petersburg around 87 degrees. your next three days look like this a little warmer tomorrow around 83 and chance of showers and thunderstorms. better chance at night for dc.
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by monday, highs in the upper 80s. showers-thunderstorms tuesday. that's our hot day 90 degrees. here is your seven-day outlook. wednesday, we cool down a little bit to around mid-80s. thursday, friday around 84 degrees. by the end of the week, pretty good chance for some showers and thunderstorms to finish off the work weeg -- workweek. by saturday, we'll cool down to the lower 80s a all week a chance for some thunderstorms, isolate the showers -- isolated showers and tomorrow will be pretty nice overallment later in the day, you may see some storms and a little downpour. they should be brief. >> yeah. not as disapoichted nothing have -- disappointed over having a triple crown win ear it's been 33 years since it happened and there was controversy in the 7 '70s when there was -- '70s when there was eight or nine in a row t did happen back in the horse races -- row. it did happen back in the horse race. it was a down to the wire race
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at pimlico. 33 years since the last triple crown. looks like we might have to wait another year for that one. and a patriot says
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now 9 sports with kristen versette the best sports in town. >> recently, we haven't seen much offensively from the nationals. they went 0 rings before scoring -- 20 innings before scoring any runs before last night with the orioles. now comes the real test. can they keep it going? nationals at camden yards for game two of the battle of the
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beltway series. nats up 2-0 until this. nolan reimold with a shot to left. that's a two-run homer. game tied at 2-2. o's up one, vladimir guerrero with a single to center brings in nick markakis a four-run third for baltimore. in the seventh, o's got insurance. robert andino with a double to right. brian schneider comes around to score and baltimore wins 8-3. >> first two felt really good. and then i mixed in my curve ball later in those innings and it felt good, but left some pitches up and they got to me which was the ballgame right there. >> it was a good win for us. we have to try to win tomorrow and see if we can win the series and you can't dwell on it too long. >> subway series in the bronx tonight and the bronx bombers lived up to their name. a-rod one of the yankees four home runs on the night. yankees beat the mets 7-3. it was a beautiful day for a horse race. in fact, over 107,000 people
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thought so too as they piled into pimlico racehorse for the 136 racing of the preakness stakes. an exciting down to the wire race. here is larry with the call down the stretch. >> animal kingdom tries to get to shackleford. shackledford in front. animal kingdom on the outside. on the inside, astrology in third. shackleford, animal kingdom. here is the wire. shackleford holds on to the preakness! >> a close one. shackledford -- shackleford faced 12-1 odds in the race. you may remember a horse leading most of the kentucky derby before animal kingdom's late charge. today, he held off the late charge. astrology finished third and dialed in came in fourth. >> it's amazing. i mean, i couldn't not feel better the run that he did -- than he really did. he was a little hot in the beginning in the post race. he was a good horse and able to
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hand it will. >> he handled it. to college lacrosse. not a good day for top seed. looking for more, mata scores his second goal of the game. cornell is up three. all virginia after that. up four, matt white with individual effort. seven-seeded uva advances to the final four with a 13-9 win. to the ladies' game, top seeded ladies taking on princeton a career high 15 saves as the lady terps beat the tigers 15- 6. george mason loses another member of their men's basketball team. first it was head coach jim larranaga. now john han koch is leaving -- hancock is leaving fairfax transferring to lewisville. he'll -- louisville. dc native kevin durant, oklahoma city thunder back on home court for game three against the mavericks. they got a big win in game two in dallas. now trying to protect home
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court. there's durant and the thunder hosting the mavericks. slow start for the thunder in a quite a poor shooting night for durant. that bucket was just 2-12 points for the thunder in the first quarter. how about former wizards getting it done. brendan haywood off the pass from dirk nowitzki for the dunk. plus one. in the third, oklahoma city ignoring deshawn stevenson and bares the three. mavs lead the thunder in the fourth. finally, from the braves- diamondbacks game the other night, braves pitcher scott proctor uncorks the wild pitch. what's worse is brian mccann can't find the ball. where is it? where did it go? i don't know. can't find the ball. that's how ryan roberts could score all the way from second base. arizona would end up winning by one. just disappeared. he has no idea. >> and 100,000 people at the preakness? >> over 107,000. they said it was the seventh largest crowd in history. >> 600,000 people in baltimore.
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that's amazing. tomorrow looks like what? >> tomorrow looks pretty good. chance of showers and thunderstorms coming in in the afternoon. better chances tomorrow night. that will be pretty good for most of the day. 83 degrees. warmer on monday. upper 80s. look at tuesday. it will be hot. 90 degrees. ready for that? >> yeah, have a good night. see you back here tomorrow. bye. world exclusive. the first shots of arnold schwarzenegger and his rumored love child. >> as maria makes her first appearance with oprah. i was in chicago and saw it all. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. the "weekend insider" is on. world exclusive, arnold, marima and the alleged love child with the housekeeper in church.
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>> the family bond no one has ever seen. the backyard party. >> opening presents. >> inside his christening. >> examining the exclusive shots. >> when we superimposed the shot, the mouth lined up almost perfectly. >> could that affect a divorce case? >> plus, just uncovered, the housekeeper who worked at the estate alongside maria and her late mother eunice. >> maria with oprah, her first words on the love child scandal. >> i was there in chicago as the "insider" investigates arnold and maria in crisis. and the other woman accused of having another arnold love child. >> the results of her paternity test. >> then arnold's other children, the "backstory." >> didn't want me on the tabloid or a newspaper -- >> his look alike son, his daughter that mirrors maria.


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